Prospecting – Mr or Mrs Wright

Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Talking to the right person is key for any relationship. Personal or business.  But how do you know?  In personal relationships it is often easy to determine if someone is Mr. or Mrs. Right. You may have a check-list of every single quality you are looking for or a mental picture of that perfect-mate.  But in business it’s not that simple.  As a network marketer you have to learn how to sift and sort.  In other words – prospect. 

Prospecting is the single most important factor to building your business.  If you lack good techniques and strategies for recruiting individuals into your business you will become frustrated and fail to grow and become a top income earner.  Mr. or Mrs. Right may be in your warm market (sometimes but not likely), or maybe an acquaintance or most likely a total stranger.  The key is to find them. 

You may want to find people who are looking to start a business of their own, currently own a business, want additional streams of income, are sales professionals, former network marketers or unhappy network marketers. 

These are individuals who understand the principle of getting paid on commission or paid off their results or the concept of network marketing.  Don’t be afraid to approach those people who are already successful.  They are usually more open-minded and are looking for new ways to make additional income.  Do not prejudge anyone.

Once you think you have found a potential Mr. or Mrs. Right what do you do?  Build a relationship.  Ask questions.  Have conversations.  Be a good listener.    Create a mental check-list of the persons desires (additional income, looking for an opportunity, needing something to do) or complaints (no free time, working too many hours, too much debt). 

Ask more questions based upon what the person is saying or not saying.  It is important to build good relationships. Not only will you learn how to recognize Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you may find the Diamond who runs off with the business or make a great friend in the process. 

They say that having leads, customers, prospects is the key to having a long lasting successful business.


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