The Hi5 Challenge

      This program provides tools to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals. The Hi5 Challenge Kit includes a month’s supply of nutritional products to aid in weight loss, toning and building muscle. Regardless of your fitness level the Hi5 Challenge can help. It comes complete with a subscription option, which will send the Kit on a monthly basis, giving you the customer the convenience and time-savings of not having to reorder monthly. It also includes a workout guide, meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. This flexible program can be used at the frequency and combination that works best for each individual.

      What the Hi5 Health Inspired products do for you?


   What’s Inside the Hi5 Challenge Kit

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     The Hi5 Health Inspired products work great individually, but they work better together as a system?

The Hi5 Challenge Kit

Picture of Hi5 Challenge Kit With the Hi5 Challenge Kit you’ll get a month’s supply of nutritional products to help you lose weight, tone, and build muscle. Whatever your fitness goals, you’ll have the tools to achieve them with the Hi5 Challenge Kit.What’s in the kit?

  • Hi5 Lean  is a nutrient-rich shake full of protein and vitamins
  • Hi5 Boost  supplies energy through the day and for workouts, plus it can help curb appetite
  • Hi5 Edge  is a dietary supplement that supports optimum health and total wellness

Your Hi5 Challenge Kit also includes a workout guide, meal plan, and shopping list to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Participants must enroll in the Hi5 Challenge monthly subscription for at least two (2) consecutive months.

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Hi5 Lean is a protein-packed shake mix that can help you lose or maintain your weight. It is vanilla flavored, and comes in individual serving packets so that it’s convenient and easy to use. It’s packed with protein and nutrients, including 25g protein and 5g fiber.

How do you make Hi5 Lean? Just stir one packet of Hi5 Lean into 8 oz. cold water or non-fat milk until dissolved, and enjoy! Add more or less liquid to meet your desired taste.

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Hi5 Boost is an appetite suppressant with energy. It helps control hunger, boosts energy, improves focus and delivers antioxidants. Hi5 Boost comes as a smooth dissolve tablet.

How much caffeine is in Hi5 Boost? Hi5 Boost only has 94mg of caffeine. That’s a lot less than most energy drinks and energy shakes. The break-through technology helps your body use caffeine more efficiently.

How often should I take Hi5 Boost? We recommend you take Hi5 Boost once a day, in the morning for all day energy.

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Hi5 Edge is your optimum health and total wellness dietary supplement. It helps improve endurance, enhances metabolic activity, boosts cognitive function, supports healthy aging, and helps maintain healthy cholesterol when cholesterol levels are already within normal ranges. It’s a smooth dissolve tablet.

How often should I take Hi5 Edge? We recommend you take Hi5 Edge twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

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